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Why Diets Don't Work for Everyone

Have you ever wondered why diets don't work for everyone who tries them? If it's true that eating certain foods in specific combinations results in weight loss and better health, they why doesn't everyone who follows that diet achieve the same results?

The obvious answer: we are all different.

Not only are we different physically, but more importantly we are different mentally, emotionally, and vibrationally. Taking physical action like dieting will only work if our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are aligned with the outcome we desire.

Does that sound mystical and mysterious?

Let's take a look at two fictional examples to help demonstrate the point:

Case #1 - Linda

Let's say there is a woman named Linda who needs to lose 50 pounds. She starts a diet, hating every minute of it. She believes that strict dieting is the only way to reach her goal weight, so she eats all the right foods, measures her portions and does everything she can physically to lose weight. But she's miserable and resentful the whole way through, feeling deprived as she watches her friends enjoy the foods that she loves. She curses her body for having a slow metabolism and wishes that there was an easier way to lose weight and feel good about herself.

Linda's weight loss journey will not only be difficult and unpleasant; she will also achieve limited results with this attitude.

Case #2 - Jessie

Jessie is one of those upbeat, happy people that you love to be around. She also happens to be carrying an extra 50 pounds and decides to embark on a healthy eating plan to lose the weight for good. She stumbles across the same diet that Linda followed, thinks it sounds like a good fit for her, and she begins the plan. However, rather than feeling deprived of her favorite foods, Jessie searches for healthy, delicious alternatives that she can enjoy on her plan. She's excited about her journey and imagines how great it will be to have more energy, slim down, and go shopping for new clothes. She has no doubt that she'll succeed, and she's determined to enjoy her transformation to the fullest.

Jessie's weight loss journey will obviously be more enjoyable, and she'll probably lose weight faster and keep it off longer than Linda will.

The Power of Belief

Your beliefs have the power to determine the outcome of every aspect of your life, including the state of your body. Negative beliefs will always bring about a negative (or dissatisfactory) outcome. Positive, optimistic beliefs will always bring about a positive outcome.

Diets don't work for everyone because all of us have different beliefs. Some people (like Linda) start a diet believing that it's going to be torturous and difficult, so it ends up being torturous and difficult. Some people start a diet believing that they will fail, so they do.

Some people (like Jessie) start a diet believing without a shred of doubt that they can succeed and have fun with the entire process, so they do.

Whether you are currently following a diet or you plan to in the future - or if you simply want to improve your eating habits in any way - be sure to take a look inside your head, not just at what's on your plate!