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Law of Attraction Weight Loss

Is it Really Possible to Use the Law of Attraction to Slim Down?

When you decide to lose weight, you probably try to do it the "old-fashioned" way; which usually involves months of "torture".  A daily battle with cravings; feeling hungry most of the day; feeling left out while other people enjoy foods you love; working out until your muscles feel like rubber.

But if you want the payoffs that come from dieting - like feeling healthy, attractive and confident, you know you have to grit your teeth and do what must be done.


Is the Payoff worth the Sacrifice?

Most of us would probably agree it is, in the long run anyway.

But the journey between here and there is anything but fun - and definitely not easy.

Instead we have to struggle and strain and inch our way to the finish line, praying the whole way that we'll have enough willpower to lose the weight pound by pound.

OH - but then the fun is just getting started! Once we actually reach our goal weight, we get to struggle and persevere some more as we try to maintain our gorgeous new physique!

We learn how to say "no thank you, I'm not hungry" dozens of times a day, even though we'd give anything to dive face-first into a giant vat of the most fattening food possible.

Enough with the depressing images - we've all been there too many times.


The Question Is:  Is There Another Way? 

Is it possible to lose weight and keep it off without giving up your favorite foods, without feeling hungry all the time and without punishing your body with grueling workouts?

By now you may have heard that your thoughts create your life circumstances. This concept has been around for centuries in one form or another.

The basic premise is referred to as the Law of Attraction - your thoughts and beliefs combine to emit a vibrational "frequency" (or signal) to the universe, and the universe then returns corresponding events and situations.

This is much more than "wishful thinking". It's more than thinking about something and having it appear like magic before you.

In fact, you've been using this magnetic power all of your life.

  • Have you ever thought about an old friend and bumped into them unexpectedly soon after?

  • Have you ever worried, "I hope I'm not late for work" (or any destination) then kept getting delayed so that you were late?

  • Have you ever said, "This will never work; things always go wrong for me" - and watched in horror as everything proceeded to fall apart before your eyes?

These are perfect examples of the Law of Attraction in action!


But Does it Apply to Weight Loss?

The Law of Attraction simply brings you more of whatever you focus on the most. Focus on positive outcomes, get positive results. Focus on negative outcomes, get negative results.

When it comes to weight and bodily condition, the Law of Attraction is equally precise - but it's a little more complicated than just "thinking" about losing weight and being slender.

In fact, you might want to argue right now that you've been thinking about being slender for years and it hasn't happened YET! (at least not permanently)

Here's the problem: You've been thinking about losing weight and getting slender - but you've been doing it from the perspective of an overweight person!

All the Law of Attraction is hearing from you is: "There is too much fat on my body. I'm unhappy with my body. My body is ugly and unacceptable."

So it takes that negative perspective as a REQUEST and delivers more of the same result to you.

If you want to use the Law of Attraction to slim down, you must slip into the mental and emotional state of a person who is slender, confident and happy with their body. A person who feels good about themselves, has high self-esteem and loves taking care of their body (and themselves in general).

In other words, your dominant focus needs to be from the perspective of the person you want to be, not who you are now.

Easier said than done, right? Let's break it down further:


Your Dominant Focus

When you think about your body, are your thoughts usually negative or positive? 

  • Do you cringe and feel ashamed when you see yourself reflected in a mirror or store window?

  • Do you try to wear dark colors and shapeless clothing to disguise unsightly "lumps and bumps"?

  • Do you feel resentful toward "naturally slender" people, like they have it so much easier than you do?

  • Do you frequently put yourself down for being "weak," gluttonous, and having no willpower?

  • Do you wish more than anything that you could find a magic solution that would make you feel "normal"?

These thoughts and feelings are normal - but they are still
chronically negative.

"Of course," you might say, "I'm not happy with my body the way it is, and I hate dieting - no wonder I feel so angry and defeated!"

The reasons you feel negatively about your body are valid - but you still MUST find a way to turn it around if you want to slim down.

Either that, or force yourself to follow the same old path of dieting, deprivation, and struggle that you've been down so many times before.

The good news is that it really isn't hard to change your thinking and use the Law of Attraction to create the body of your dreams - it just takes a bit of commitment and self-reflection.


Your Foundation of Belief

There is another important part of this issue that goes beyond mere thoughts too: the foundation of belief that most of your thoughts are based upon.

Beliefs are thoughts that have been repeated so many times that they become "truth" to you. All of your beliefs together form a rock-solid foundation upon which most of your perceptions are built.

Whatever you believe becomes your reality, and the Law of Attraction will only return results that complement or reinforce your existing beliefs.

Are any of these limiting beliefs true for you?

  • I have a slow metabolism so it's really hard for me to lose weight no matter how little I eat.

  • Obesity runs in my family so I'm probably doomed to be fat forever; I might as well eat what I like.

  • The only way I can lose weight is to give up all of the foods I love and eat nothing but salads.

  • I can't stick to a diet because I have no willpower.

  • I fail at everything and diets are no different.

Even if some of these ring true for you, take a moment to consider that you may have
MADE them true by consistently giving them your focus and reinforcing their validity for years. It is also possible that some of these beliefs were programmed into you from a very young age and you've never even questioned them before.

Is it possible to change limiting beliefs like these?


It is possible - and it's not even very difficult to do. It just takes a little time and consistent effort.


Why is it Important to Change Limiting Beliefs?

Because your thoughts and actions are guided by them, and the Law of Attraction will not contradict them.

  • If you believe that eating sugar makes you fat, the Law of Attraction returns exactly that result every time you eat sugar.

  • If you believe that you can't lose weight because your metabolism is slow, the Law of Attraction makes it so.

  • If you believe that losing weight only comes from hard work and sacrifice, you will communicate that "request" to the universe and find it impossible to lose weight unless you are working hard and sacrificing.

Whatever you believe is what you will experience.

However - once you begin changing limiting beliefs into more empowering and productive beliefs, you suddenly notice that you are starting to think and feel differently. More importantly, you find yourself taking different actions than you did before - and getting different results.

Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, emit a different "signal" to the universe, be guided into different actions - and POW!  Everything around you changes too.

Even weight????

Yes. Even weight.

Permanent weight loss is a direct result of changing the way you see and think about your own body - and in a deeper sense, yourself.


Does it Work for Everyone?

None of us are immune to the Law of Attraction; it's the way the Universe works. However, think of this in scientific terms - not some "airy-fairy" concept.

You may think it sounds crazy to expect your body to change just by changing your thoughts and beliefs, but consider for a moment some of the "miraculous" things that can happen from a shift in thinking. Things like:

  • Spontaneous healings - even when doctors say there is no hope.

  • Unexpected solutions appearing in the nick of time to avoid disaster.

  • Once in a lifetime opportunities that change everything in a split second.

Some people would call these random coincidences, but anyone who understands the Law of Attraction knows that there is nothing mysterious or coincidental about them.

There are very specific steps you can take to affect virtually any outcome you desire. If you adopt the right focus, program yourself with the right beliefs, you WILL be led to the resources and opportunities to make it happen.

Using the Law of Attraction to lose weight doesn't mean that "thinking happy thoughts" will make the pounds disappear.

What happens instead is:

  • As you change your thinking and beliefs, you start feeling different.

  • As you feel different, you emit a different signal to the universe.

  • The universe begins sending back corresponding conditions - like a reduction in cravings, or a desire to take actions that will encourage weight loss.

  • As you focus more and more of your attention on this process, it strengthens and intensifies, making other changes seem effortless.

  • As you begin to feel excited and happy about the changes taking place in you (inside and out) - you clarify your "signal" so it is even stronger and purer.

  • The physical manifestations begin to stabilize and results start showing faster and more powerfully.

  • Eventually you end up making this signal your "default frequency" and it becomes an automatic process that you hardly have to think about at all.

Compare that to:

  • Cutting out most of the foods you love.

  • Feeling hungry and deprived for months on end.

  • Waiting anxiously for the pounds to start dropping off, and hating the scale (and yourself) if they don't.

  • Feeling that you're just not "good enough" as you are.

  • Wishing that it could be easier.

  • The process seeming to take forever because you're so desperate for results that you can't be happy until they come.

Not surprisingly, most of us would choose the first scenario if we had a choice.

But how do you start changing your signal to get better results?


The Inner Weight Loss Transformation Success System

The Inner Weight Loss CourseInner Weight Loss is a success blueprint that shows you how to activate the process of natural weight loss with the Law of Attraction.

The entire process is explained in simple, easy-to-understand language, with step by step instructions for how to change your focus, transform limiting beliefs and program your mind for "slender success".

Daily exercises help you absorb empowering new beliefs, see your body in surprising new ways, and work deliberately with the universe to create a brand new you.

You will also discover:

  • How to let go of destructive habits easily and willingly, and adopt healthier habits to replace them - not by force, but by choice.

  • Why deprivation doesn't work - and can actually be destructive in the long run.

  • What food cravings really mean - and a simple technique to neutralize them quickly and effectively.

  • Easy ways to implant positive suggestions into your subconscious mind so you'll find yourself wanting to improve your health habits.

  • How to use the power of EXPANSION to your advantage (no, that doesn't refer to your waistline! :-)

  • How to create a genuine feeling of joy and appreciation for your body - before you have lost a single pound.

  • A simple twist on visualization that can create much faster results.

  • How diet and exercise really fit into the equation - are physical changes even necessary?

  • What to do to turn this transformation into an effortless, automatic process.

  • How you can easily become one of those "naturally thin" people you used to hate.

You will learn exactly what to do to become the attractive, confident person you want to be. Without strict rules or self-punishment.

Does that sound hard to believe?

The truth is, you are already that attractive, confident person inside. Your excess pounds are not who you really are. They are there because of a chronic habit of thought that has altered the way you see yourself and everything in your life.

Your thoughts have created an illusion that you now see as reality.

But you CAN change it. Not by force, but by surrendering to your inner wisdom. By learning to pay attention to what is really going on inside your mind and body.

And by trusting yourself to know the way back to health and wholeness.

You do know. You just may need a little nudge in the right direction, and Inner Weight Loss can give you that nudge.

But it doesn't stop there.


30 Day Email Course

The Inner Weight Loss Success Guide contains 68 pages of information and exercises to help you transform your body from the inside out - but transformations like this can be intimidating if you've never done it before.

Inner Weight Loss 30 Day CourseTo make your transition easier, you will also receive access to a private 30 Day online course that will help you stay focused, motivated and empowered about changing your life for good.

Every day for 30 days you will receive an email that shares helpful tips, lessons and exercises to help you deepen your understanding of the techniques in the book, along with plenty of inspiration to help you stay committed.


With 30 Days of positive reinforcement, you'll feel like you've got an encouraging, supportive "buddy" to work with every step of the way!

(Just in case you're worried about email deliverability problems, you will also receive the entire 30 day course in a PDF document (67 pages in total), so you won't miss any messages. In fact, if you prefer, you can simply work at your own pace directly from the PDF document. Signing up by email is optional.)


"Slender Me" Guided Meditation MP3

Also included is a soothing, inspiring audio meditation. This MP3 download helps you start feeling slim, fit and healthy right NOW.

I guide you gently into a relaxed, peaceful state of mind, then help you envision your ideal body as if you were already living in it now.

You'll feel fully connected to your body, light and happy - and you know what that means? You'll start attracting your ideal body much more quickly and easily!

The meditation is just over 11 minutes long, so it's easy to squeeze in a daily meditation session no matter how busy you are!


It's Really So Simple

Using the Law of Attraction to lose weight is no different than using it to create any other outcome you want.

There are simple, proven steps that you can take to begin shifting your outer reality and creating something better.

The problem that most people encounter is that weight and body image are such heavy, emotionally intense issues. And where heavy emotion exists, inner blockages and resistance also exist. 

Even if you know how to use the Law of Attraction deliberately, it's still easy to slip back into old destructive patterns frequently and delay your progress for an agonizingly long time.

The techniques shared in Inner Weight Loss and the companion email course will show you how to reduce the intensity of those emotions, strengthen your inner confidence and start believing in yourself again.

You'll learn super-easy and FUN techniques that don't feel threatening at all - in fact they'll be so enjoyable that you'll look forward to doing them each day.

Little by little you will feel an inner shift happening and know that it's working. And of course, once the physical changes start happening that will be another big clue. :-)


Praise for Inner Weight Loss  

Robin SkeenI LOVE the new Inner Weight Loss. You could have written this JUST for ME. The Law of Attraction governs every aspect of life and this will be an excellent reminder of watching how I think of myself. Not many people are in love with the big "E" (Exercise!) but you have provided something a little different here.

Anyone who has ever struggled with weight needs to have this new guide.

Robin Skeen


Are You Ready to Create New You?

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-- If you are finally ready to get off the emotional roller-coaster of endless dieting and embrace a new, empowering vision for your body and life . . . get your copy of the Inner Weight Loss program today!


Inner Weight Loss System


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P.P.S.  Inner transformation always  results in outer transformation. Always! 


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