Law of Attraction Weight Loss - Inner Weight Loss

"Thin Thoughts" Daily Weight Loss Inspiration

The Law of Attraction is activated by your dominant thoughts and beliefs - whatever you focus on the most is what you will draw into your life. The problem is that most of us tend to focus on the very things we DON'T want, like feeling fat, unattractive, imperfect, broke, frustrated, and more.

Do you find yourself consistently focusing on "fat thoughts"? Like how uncomfortable you are in your clothes? Or how people must be making fun of you behind your back? Or how you can't stand carrying these excess pounds for one second longer?

Unfortunately, the more you focus on those things, the more you will keep perpetuating them in your life. You simply keep strengthening your perception of that reality by constantly focusing on it.

However, when you start improving your focus by introducing "thin thoughts" more and more each day, you start to resonate with that frequency and attract it into your life! Focus on how much you love your body, and you will attract many more reasons to love it. Focus on how good you feel, and you will start feeling better and better. Focus on looking gorgeous, and . . . you get the idea.

Our daily "Thin Thoughts" ezine will provide the insights and inspiration you need to begin transforming your thoughts for the better. Remember, when your thoughts change for the better, your outer circumstances must change too!  (You can see some of our past issues here.)

Let us inspire your imagination with helpful tips, empowering affirmations, insightful quotes, and more - all related to the creation of your ideal body.