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Weight Loss Affirmations: Make them Strong and Sticky

Weight loss affirmations can be a powerful tool in your arsenal against extra pounds, but only if you use them in a way that maximizes their effectiveness.  Many people make the mistake of using affirmations that are too scattered in focus, or too weak to trigger lasting changes.  It's no surprise that they get little results from them!  Below I'm going to share two tips for transforming your weight loss affirmations from weak to strong, and from scattered to sticky:

#1 - Affirmation Power Boost

The words you choose for your affirmation are important.  Try to choose words that clearly describe the essence of the outcome you are trying to create.  Obviously, the outcome you are trying to create is weight loss, but how do you want to feel, both physically and emotionally?  It's important to consider this because the only reason you want to lose weight is because it will make you feel a certain way.  Just like being overweight probably makes you feel uncomfortable, heavy, embarrassed, shy, or sluggish, you believe you will feel light, comfortable, strong, happy, or energetic after you lose weight.

Tune into the essence of what you are trying to create by losing weight, and focus on that essence with your affirmation.  In other words, don't just write an affirmation that says, "I weigh 120 pounds" - write one that says, "I love feeling so slender and attractive!"  Feeling slender and attractive is your goal, not the number on the scale (you just happen to believe that that special number will create the feeling you want).

You may also have just glimpsed another important power boost for affirmations: positive emotion!  It's extremely important to be sure your affirmations trigger positive emotions when you say them.  An affirmation without emotion is no more effective than reading a technical manual.  When your affirmations are written in a way that instantly calls up some positive emotion within you, you are drawing forth the power of the universe and directing it toward the fulfillment of your goal.  Focus in on these pleasant emotions as you say your affirmations!  Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the essence of the outcome you want.  Feel it as if it were already your reality now.

#2 - Making Affirmations Sticky

Another common reason why affirmations don't work well is because many people recite them infrequently or sporadically.  Remember that your affirmations are supposed to be rewriting old programming in your mind that may have been there for years.  In order to override those old beliefs, you really need to be extremely persistent in impressing your mind with your new beliefs (the affirmations).  That means reciting the affirmation relentlessly until you can feel that you are really starting to believe it is your truth.  This takes time - anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the strength of the belief you are trying to change. 

However, I have found that the more conviction and determination you can apply while stating your new affirmation, the quicker it will work.  If you say an affirmation half-heartedly and only rarely, it will have little effect.  If you say it with power and conviction and repeat it constantly all day long, it takes very little time to become "set" in your mind.

You will know when you have reached the tipping point by how easy it seems to be.  If it seems challenging to keep saying the affirmation, you've got a ways to go.  When it starts to get easier, you are well on your way to success with weight loss affirmations!