Law of Attraction Weight Loss - Inner Weight Loss

Manifest Weight Loss with Strong Desire

Manifesting weight loss with the Law of Attraction requires that you first have a very clear, strong, pure desire for the outcome you seek.  What does this mean, exactly?

Most people who carry a few extra pounds on their bodies have likely wished them gone at one time or another.  But a passing thought with little emotion involved is usually not enough to activate the Law of Attraction.

Instead, to manifest weight loss you need to want it badly!


Take a moment to think about your body as you would like it to be.  What size clothing would you like to wear?  What style of clothing?  What numbers do you want to see when you step on the scale?  How do you want to feel as you move through your day?  Strong, energetic, thin, sexy, light, graceful, athletic?

Stay focused on these images for several minutes and imagine how your life would change if you were living this experience already.

Would you feel more confident?  Would you be dating more?  Would you be able to earn more money because you have more energy?  Would you feel happier, freer?

Think about the benefits that would result from having your ideal body, and allow feelings of excitement and strong desire to flow through you as you do.

As your desire grows stronger and stronger, you start "pulling" energy from the universe and flowing it toward the manifestation of your desired outcome.

Doing this exercise just once is often enough to get some changes started - but doing it every day for a period of weeks or months is much more powerful.

One of the most common reasons that people struggle to manifest their desired outcomes (whether weight loss or anything else) is because they don't think about their desired outcome often enough, AND because they don't infuse their thoughts with enough positive emotion to generate the power needed for manifestation.

Instead, they spend much more of their time focused on how much they hate their fat, and infusing negative emotions into those thoughts, which will only manifest more of the same.

If you suspect this has happened to you, start turning it around immediately by setting aside a few minutes each day to imagine your ideal body.  See it in full detail in your mind's eye, and allow strong feelings of positive emotion to rise up within you as you do.

Intend to have this ideal body.  Intend that you will not accept anything less.  Build up a rock-solid belief that your body can transform quickly and easily.

After a few days or perhaps weeks of this, you may notice small changes happening in your body.  You may also feel led to take specific actions, like making modest changes to your diet, or feeling inspired to exercise more, etc.  These "inspired actions" are the universe's way of answering your intention and helping you to achieve your goal quicker.