Law of Attraction Weight Loss - Inner Weight Loss

Manifest Weight Loss with Daily Gratitude

One of the ways we sabotage weight loss is by constantly focusing on the negative aspects of our bodies. "I hate my stomach. My thighs are huge! My butt is out of control. I hope no one notices my cellulite, yuck." Not surprisingly, by the power of the Law of Attraction we simply attract more to dislike about our bodies.

You may have heard about the power of gratitude in manifesting better things in your life. Most often this technique is used for better health, finding a soulmate, increasing abundance, and so on. However, it can easily be used to help manifest weight loss as you focus more and more on the parts of your body you adore - even if they haven't yet formed in physical reality.

Before we get to the exercise, it's important to remember that most of us have a LOT of emotional baggage built up regarding our excess pounds. Therefore, it may be easier and more effective to do a bit of "pretending" in this exercise. Rather than trying to overcome our emotional resistance, we can sidestep around it and achieve the same desired outcome - feeling better about our bodies.

For best results, try doing this exercise in written form, but you can also do it mentally or verbally if you can't write it down.

Start by focusing on one thing you like about your body. It doesn't have to be anything big, just one little thing you like. Your eyes, your hands, your toes, your earlobes, something simple.
 Focus on that one thing for a few minutes and detail all of the reasons why you like this part of yourself. Then, move on to another part of your body and do the same thing. Try to choose a minimum of 3 or 4 aspects that you truly do appreciate, and focus on feeling grateful for them - and be sure to focus on the reasons WHY you're so grateful for them. (Example: My eyes allow me to see, and I would miss out on so much without them, etc.)

Then comes the "pretending" part: start feeling gratitude for the aspects of your body you would like to have, as if you already have them now. Give thanks for your slender, sexy thighs. Give thanks for your slim waist. Give thanks for your increased stamina and strength. Give thanks for the ability to wear clothes in smaller sizes.

Go into as much detail as you can, and really allow your emotions to flow! FEEL waves of gratitude flowing from your heart as you imagine that these things are true.

Continue with the exercise for as long as you like; a minimum of ten minutes should be good.

If you do this exercise for just a few minutes a day, you should notice something interesting happening: You'll start feeling less resentful about your body and much more satisfied with it.

All of the negative aspects you hated so much will start to fade away and the parts you've been focusing on with gratitude will grow more prevalent. And you will keep attracting more and more positive aspects to appreciate.

Over time, that can create an astounding transformation!