Law of Attraction Weight Loss - Inner Weight Loss

Losing Weight with the Law of Attraction

What is Vibrational Frequency?

When people first learn about the Law of Attraction, the concept of vibrational frequency is sometimes difficult to grasp. They understand that the Law of Attraction will keep returning more of whatever they focus on the most, but how does that relate to the "frequency" they are emitting to the universe?

If this concept has confused you too occasionally, fear not. It's very simple:

Every thought you think has a frequency of "vibration" and every thought will immediately begin attracting other thoughts that have the same or similar frequency. Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts. Positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts.

Most often this is a gradual process: First you think one thought. More thoughts of the same frequency start flowing through your mind. After days or weeks of this, the essence of those thoughts will begin manifesting in physical reality.

When it comes to your body, all it takes is one "fat thought" to start attracting more. As you keep focused on these "fat thoughts", you begin the process of manifesting excess weight on your body. Your physical actions come into play with this process too; your negative thinking makes you feel bad so you start craving comfort foods to make you feel better, so you end up eating more than your body really needs.

If this negative trend continues over a period of months or years, you create the reality of being overweight.

Now comes the hard part. You decide to lose weight and try to do it purely by physical means (diet, exercise) but it seems unbelievably hard to do. That's because your thoughts are still resonating on the frequency of being overweight.

It's not impossible to overcome these negative thoughts and still lose weight - but it takes a tremendous amount of willpower and determination.

An easier way would be to first start adjusting your thoughts. Start thinking positive thoughts related to being healthy, slender, fit, and trim. As you think thoughts like these, you begin resonating on that energetic frequency, and you begin attracting even more "thin thoughts".

If you continue with this process for long enough (usually within a few days or even a couple of weeks) you'll begin to notice that your physical habits are changing. Suddenly you don't feel so tempted to eat "junk food" as often as you used to. Your portion sizes may decrease, and you may start feeling inspired to take long walks outside, join a dance class, or engage in other fun physical activities.

As you keep focusing more and more on feeling good and loving your body (thinking those "thin thoughts"!), the process of inner and outer transformation will continue.

There are a few snags that can be encountered along the way, but in a nutshell your aim is to stay focused on your slender, beautiful, healthy body as often as you can. Just doing that alone should inspire some great changes that convince you of the power of energetic frequency when using the Law of Attraction to lose weight.