Law of Attraction Weight Loss - Inner Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting, Deprivation or Struggle - Slim Down from the Inside Out

When most of us decide to lose weight, we prepare ourselves for months of deprivation, hard work and struggle. We've done it a million times before, so we know that the hard work will pay off with a gorgeous, slender new body - but we also can't help wishing . . . wouldn't it be nice if we could get that gorgeous, slender new body without all the sacrifice and pain?

If this describes your weight loss experiences in the past, I've got good news for you - it doesn't have to be that hard!

There's no doubt that diets work; at least temporarily. But is dieting the ONLY way to lose weight and keep it off? Not necessarily. Look at "naturally slim" people. They don't diet. They don't deprive themselves of entire food groups. They don't work out for hours every day. How do they stay so slender without any conscious effort whatsoever?

Here's the secret: Their mind-set is geared toward being slender as opposed to being overweight.

It's not just about "thinking thin" - in fact, you've probably thought about being thin a lot and it hasn't changed anything, right? That's because there is more to the process than just thinking about being thin.

Thoughts are important, but they are only one tiny part of the process. You also have to consider the power of your beliefs.

Do you believe that you can't lose weight easily because you have a slow metabolism? Do you believe that because obesity runs in your family that you are doomed to be overweight yourself? Do you believe that strict dieting and extreme workouts are the only way to slim down?

ALL of these beliefs (and more) are actually creating the outcomes you experience every day. If you believe you can't lose weight easily, you won't be able to do it. If you believe that eating certain foods make you fat, you will gain weight when you eat them. Your beliefs become your TRUTHS in every area of your life.

Bottom line: Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are constantly forming your physical reality. If you don't change those things, you will have no choice but to struggle to lose weight!

Lose Weight without DietingLosing weight is really an "inside job" first. When you change your mind-set, change your beliefs, change the way you see yourself and your life, everything on the outside (including your body) begins to transform too.

How do you begin this inner transformation? There are many parts to the process, but here are a few good first steps:

1) Change Your Focus

Do you constantly obsess about being overweight? Do you cringe when you look in the mirror, or groan about having to wear larger sized clothing? Every time you do these things, you are placing your focus squarely on the reality of "overweight". The problem with this is that the more you focus on it, the more you're going to keep attracting it to yourself!

Instead, try placing more of your focus on "slender" topics. You can browse through fitness magazines and admire the photos of fit, slender people, or spend a few minutes appreciating the slender people you encounter during your daily travels. If you have been slender before, spend time thinking about what it was like. Try to recall how it FELT to be slim and light.
Even if you have never been slender before, try to IMAGINE what it feels like. Call to mind the sensation of having a flat tummy, slim arms and legs, tons of energy, and so on. The more you do this, the more you begin to attract like results into your own body and life.

2) Trust Your Body's Wisdom

Also important is reconnecting with your body's natural wisdom and learning to trust it again. Most of us do exactly the opposite - we allow our minds or outside "authorities" to tell us what to eat, when to eat it, how much of it to eat; and likewise with physical activity.

That's not to say that you should disregard all of the helpful information out there - but rather consider whether it feels right FOR YOU. Everyone is different! Just because Sally Jones lost 30 pounds on a jellybean diet, does that mean it's right for you too? Of course not.

Get into the habit of checking in with your body several times a day. Imagine that your body is an intelligent being all its own and ask it, "Body, what do you need right now? What can I do to help get you back into balance again? Should I eat this type of food, or that type of food? Are there any foods that disagree with you that I should avoid eating?" Then listen for the answers that will come to you intuitively.

Most often these answers will appear as feelings or spontaneous insights that pop up in your mind. When they do, consider them further. Do they make sense for you? Do they feel right? Do they encourage you to treat your body with love and kindness? Most of the insights you receive will probably encourage gentle, moderate changes that are easy to follow.

3) Love Yourself NOW

Another important step is choosing to love yourself NOW. Not after you've lost 50 pounds, not when you look like a supermodel - but right NOW. That's hard to do for some of us, I know. But hating yourself only makes the weight problems worse.

Start small if you have to. Speak kindly to yourself. Tell yourself, "I love you" many times a day. Do nice things for yourself. Buy yourself little trinkets and treats frequently. Rest when you're tired. Give yourself a break if you mess up on something. Not only can this small change in attitude help you slim down more easily, it can help transform just about every area of your life.

Go Easy, Be Patient

Finally, understand that inner transformation is an ongoing process, not an overnight miracle weight loss "cure"! It does require effort and dedication - but compared to the endless battles that come along with traditional weight loss programs, it's a whole lot easier to change your mind-set FIRST. When you do that, the rest of the transformation falls into place easily!