Law of Attraction Weight Loss - Inner Weight Loss

Feeling Good and Dropping Pounds with the Law of Attraction!

When you feel good, you open the gateway for all good things to come to you.  Remember that the law of attraction simply delivers the essence of your dominant focus.  Focus on things that make you feel good, and you get more things that make you feel good.  Focus on things that make you feel badly, and guess what you'll get?

How can we apply this process to weight loss?

Your desire to lose weight really stems from a much deeper, stronger desire - a desire to feel good about your body, to feel good in clothing you love, to be proud of who you are, to be strong and light and energetic enough to live life on your own terms.

So, "the loss of weight" is not really your goal - your goal is that beautiful body that makes you feel good!  You just happen to believe that losing a specific number of pounds will make you feel good about your body.  And indeed, it probably would.  But you don't need that to happen quite yet in order to feel good about your body right now.

Instead, if you will simply make it your mission to find ways to feel good about your body right now, you will open the gateway to allow in that slender, healthy, strong body you want so badly!

How can you feel good about your body when you really DON'T feel good about your body in its present state?

I find it most helpful to engage in a bit of "make believe".  Here is one of the processes I use: 

While sitting in meditation with your eyes closed, start at the top of your head and focus on your scalp, your skull, your brain, your hair - and give thanks for these things.  Marvel at your brain's ability to function, to solve problems, to analyze.  Give thanks for your skull, which so neatly contains and protects your brain (funny, but hey, it serves a very useful purpose).

Then move down to your face, eyes, nose, mouth, neck, shoulders, and so on, giving thanks for every part and focusing on the ways they enhance your life experience.

Now comes the challenging part.  Focus on your arms, chest, belly, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves, and on down the line - and give thanks for these parts of yourself.  But be sure to do so from the state of mind that your body is ALREADY PERFECT.

In other words, don't wish that your thighs were slimmer; imagine that they are already slim and beautiful.  Don't wish that your belly was flatter, imagine that it is already flat and toned.  (You've spent enough time obsessing about "what's wrong" with your body in the past - now is the time to feel GOOD about your body; every single part of it.)

If you do this exercise daily, you will quickly start to feel better and better about your body.  You won't be so bothered by the fact that there are still a few extra pounds lurking there - you will be focusing most of your attention on the positive aspects of your body.

Over time, focusing on the aspects that make you feel good will keep attracting more reasons to feel good, including a transformation of those parts you used to hate.